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  • Are Magazines an Endangered Species?

    Not at my house! I subscribe to three magazines and can hardly wait for the next issue to arrive. Especially Our Wisconsin with its gorgeous full-color photos and all things Wisconsin. Like our fascinating everyday people, interesting places to visit, and I-didn't-know-that doings. Not to mention Wisconsin recipes, easy contests anyone can enter, themed puzzles, and more. It's a fun, reader-interactive magazine. And ... A surprise arrived in this latest issue. A touching piece written… Read More

  • Reader Power … Use It!

    You have power! Every time you tell others about a book you just read, you exercise POWER. You just helped another reader discover that amazing book you read. Yes! Your opinion counts! Okay … enough of the exclamation marks. But I wanted you to know how truly important your comments are on Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, and Twitter. Just little ol’ you? Absolutely! 85% of readers searching the Internet trust online recommendations. That means readers count… Read More

  • A Joke on Me!

    “You called me to write, Lord, but nobody wants my stuff. I guess I’m just not good enough.” I pushed my manuscripts aside and grabbed my car keys. Maybe hanging around the Christian Book Nook for a while would cheer me up.  Unfortunately, my downcast mood followed me. In the store, I drifted wistfully past the novels and began picking half-heartedly through the devotional books. One pierced my blue funk with a spark of interest.… Read More

  • Broken Ankles: Pain & Gain

    Dear Friends, in case you were wondering ... After breaking both ankles in mid-September, I could do little for quite a while. But as of Monday -- yea! -- I'm well again. And deeply grateful to the Lord and the long list of kind people who made recovery possible. So, what did I learn from this experience? (We are told that we learn from every experience, right?) Walking on broken ankles, even with the aid of… Read More

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