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  • Getting Out the Garbage

    I headed out for my usual early morning exercise--a brisk walk to the lake, around the neighborhood loop, and back again. As I passed by, a neighbor emerged from her garage. We waved to greet one another before she grabbed a large plastic container to haul to the end of her driveway. Yikes, garbage day! I made a mental note to ┬áput our garbage out as soon as I finished my walk. We sure didn't… Read More

  • Who’s in Control?

    I woke in the middle of the night and starred into the darkness. Would I be all right while traveling half way across the country and navigating huge, unfamiliar airports on my way to a writers' conference? Would our son and daughter-in-law snag a low-interest mortgage to purchase their first home? Had I measured and ordered accurately so that my husband would have little trouble installing our new kitchen cabinets? Had I ...? Worries whirled… Read More

  • Sowing Generosity Reaps Rewards

    One year a farmer brought in such an overflow of crops that his barn could not hold them. He sat down to think about his problem, and a while later jumped up in his excitement. "I know! I'll build new and bigger barns. I'll be set for years to come!" But God said, "You fool! This very night you will die. Then who will get all this that you are hording for yourself?" Even if… Read More

  • Wounds In the Storms of Life

    I loved the graceful, old maple tree that stood in our back yard. Its green leaves like layers of lace would rise and fall majestically in a mild October wind. Restless, they knew their time was short. Soon they would change color and fall to the ground. That tree fascinated me. I'd marvel at its beauty and recall the time when lightening ripped it nearly in half. The wound stretched long and visible, one side… Read More

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