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  • I so enjoyed your speaking to our writers’ group about understanding the importance of selecting the right literary agent. This is something I have not really considered at this stage of my early writing life, but now realize these possible choices may lie ahead for me someday.

    Kathy Leist, member of Pens of Praise Christian Writers
  • Thank you for such an encouraging presentation yesterday, so much energy and enthusiasm and knowledge for your fellow writers.

    Linda Holtger, member of Lighthouse Christian Writers
  • God sure led your talk today at the Kaukauna Library. You had amazing energy, enthusiasm, and presentation. I loved listening to you. What a delightful story behind your story.

    Marilyn Hein, member of Word & Pen Christian Writers
  • You did a positively marvelous job, Beth. You are a very talented and knowledgeable teacher and it was a blessing to have you with us.

    Rebecca McLafferty, co-leader of Pens of Praise Christian Writers
  • There are not enough words to thank you for the joy you brought to our meeting. We always appreciate our speakers, but you warmed the room with your love and sincerity.

    Kathleen Bowman, Fox Valley Church Librarians Association

    Speaking Topics

  • Dream to…  Destination

    My sometimes humorous, always challenging journey to publication in romantic suspense.

  • God’s Call to Write

    Recognizing, answering, and protecting your call. Includes a handout.

  • Acquiring the Right Agent

    Includes two handouts:

    • “7 steps to securing effective representation”
    • “Questions to ask before signing the contract.”
  • Building True Love Relationships

    In addition to helping writers grow in their craft, I have a passion for spreading the word about true love based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8  and forty years’ study of related Bible verses.

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