• Love, faith, and suspense at its best!Susan M. (Baganz) Lodwick, Amazon reviewer
  • Could not put it down.Nicole Cousino, Amazon reviewer
  • Loved this fast paced book...lot of twists and turns. Julie Patterson, Amazon reviewer
  • Sat on the edge of my seat as the plot unfolded.Ruth Schmeckpeper, Amazon reviewer
  • A debut novel that knocked my socks off...so well written. I look forward to her next book release.Lena Nelson Dooley, Author
  • Writes like a seasoned weaver of suspense and intrigue. Fast, intense and captivating.Elaine C., Amazon reviewer
  • Very cleverly crafted story.Sandra Bast, Amazon reviewer

Her Deadly Reunion

Read an excerpt Her Deadly Reunion

Available: November 13, 2018

• Page Count: 256

ISBN: 978-1946016577

A dangerous place to mix past and present …

Determined to meet the father she has never known, Jill Shepherd agrees to spend the Christmas holidays at his Wisconsin home. When she and her friend Clay Merrick arrive, they find family members hostile, her father gravely ill, and his home a dangerous place to mix past with present.

Are the suspicions of her father’s private nurse true? Is someone trying to kill John Ashley Taylor? Jill and Clay, a former Special Forces operative, secretly attempt to uncover the truth. But when her father’s condition worsens, the family accuses Jill and order her and Clay from the house.

With her father’s life hanging in the balance, Jill and Clay are suddenly embroiled in a race to prove her innocence and outwit a clever killer. Can they unmask a bitter plot that has been years in the making before it’s too late?


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Hi, I’m Beth Ann Ziarnik, and like you (I hope), I’m a long-time fan of romantic suspense. What could be more exciting than hero and heroine racing to outwit life-threatening villains as they fall in love and strain to reach their happily ever after? That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? you know what I mean.

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