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  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad

    In the late 1800's, the life of a young Civil War veteran's wife faded as she gave birth to their sixth child. Widower William Smart raised his daughter and five sons on the family farm in the state of Washington with such devotion that, as an adult, his daughter began a campaign to honor all fathers. In 1906, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, then living in Spokane, discussed the idea with her pastor. She envisioned a… Read More

  • Love and Faithfulness at Work

    Chee! Chee! A piercing distress call pulled my attention to an area of the parking lot where three little girls giggled. Their father drew them away from the mother bird. As others walked by her nest, the beautiful killdeer spread her wings and puffed up her feathers in a protective bluff. A few feet away, I looked among the rounded decorative stones where she stood guard. Sure enough. She had laid a clutch of eggs,… Read More

  • Never Too Late

    Carol shut the door to her art studio. "Lord, I'm getting nowhere, and I'm sick of trying. I quit!" It wasn't as if she hadn't tried. For years, for Pete's sake! Okay, so she had procrastinated some. Vegging out in front of the TV and chatting with friends rather than wrestling to master that illusive painting technique. She sighed and leaned against the wooden door. Truthfully, she hadn't worked on her paintings anywhere near as… Read More

  • Memorial Day and Dad

    Memorial Day was always a special event for my family. Early in the morning  I would watch my dad, a World War II veteran, leave the house in his American Legion blues with his bugle tucked under his arm. While the rest of the city prepared for the parade and other festivities, Dad and a few others made their faithful rounds. At each of our town's cemeteries, they honored our U.S. servicemen by marking each… Read More

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