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  • Are Good Manners a Small Matter?

    Wearing a big grin on his little boy face, Tyler ran to his mother in the church foyer. "Mom, can I--?" She held up her hand in a kindly way, and then turned back to the woman who was talking to her. Tyler knew the signal.  It had something to do with not interrupting a conversation until invited to speak. Something his mother called good manners--courtesy. He guessed it was like saying "please" when he… Read More

  • As Exciting as a Packer Game!

    Along with hundreds of others, My husband and I drove to Green Bay. When we arrived and had to park more than a mile from Lambeau Field, we didn't complain. Surging forward with the crowd, we hurried on in eager anticipation. Inside the fast-filling stadium, we found our seats and settled in to enjoy the next few hours. We cheered as the team took the field. We chatted with the fans around us about the… Read More

  • Getting Out the Garbage

    I headed out for my usual early morning exercise--a brisk walk to the lake, around the neighborhood loop, and back again. As I passed by, a neighbor emerged from her garage. We waved to greet one another before she grabbed a large plastic container to haul to the end of her driveway. Yikes, garbage day! I made a mental note to  put our garbage out as soon as I finished my walk. We sure didn't… Read More

  • Who’s in Control?

    I woke in the middle of the night and starred into the darkness. Would I be all right while traveling half way across the country and navigating huge, unfamiliar airports on my way to a writers' conference? Would our son and daughter-in-law snag a low-interest mortgage to purchase their first home? Had I measured and ordered accurately so that my husband would have little trouble installing our new kitchen cabinets? Had I ...? Worries whirled… Read More

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