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  • Please Press the Prayer Button

    I was so sick when I arrived at the doctor's office that he sent me straight to the hospital. After a nurse settled me in bed, she showed me how to summon help. "Just push this button," she said, indicating a palm-sized mechanism with a white button on one end. An hour later, the room began to spin, slowly at first, but then rapidly picking up speed.  I didn't realize that my temperature was spiking.… Read More

  • Satisfied with Life?

    What if God invited you to ask him for whatever you want and he would give it to you? What would you say? Young King Solomon of Israel knew what to say. He asked for wisdom to govern. This pleased God so much that he also gave the young man riches and honor (1 Kings 3:1-14, New Living Translation). Sure enough, Solomon's wisdom brought him fame. As a powerful politician, he lived at peace with… Read More

  • A Great investment Opportunity

    I admit it. I have no idea what  it means to be rich, but--bless his heart--a rich young man came running up to Jesus and knelt down to ask, "What should I do to get eternal life?" When Jesus pointed him to the Ten Commandments, the young man assured him that he had obeyed them since he was a child. "There is still one thing you lack," Jesus said (Luke 18:22, New Living Translation). He… Read More

  • When God Steps In

    The crew fought to direct the ship's course, but a fierce northeaster drove it out to sea. Strengthening the hull with thick ropes, they let the ship run with the winds. Finally, they lowered an anchor, hoping to keep the vessel from being stuck on a sandbar and battered to fragments by the violent waves. The storm continued through the night and into the next day ... and fear set in. Seizing cargo, equipment and… Read More

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