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  • What Amazing Love!

    I'll never forget the evening Jim and I watched Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" at our local movie theater. As we exited with other patrons, no one uttered a word! What we had just witnessed on the screen--the unvarnished horror Jesus' sufferings--had stunned us to silence. As I recall the movie's content, all I can say is, "What amazing love God has for us!" That Jesus would willingly suffer such a horrible death… Read More

  • Love and Politics

    I hope you don't mind my sharing some very personal thoughts with you. Because the subject is touchy. Especially with elections coming up. During a recent happy gathering, I heard a dear friend--one whom I love and respect--blurt out with vehemence, "I hate (she named a politician)!" It took me by complete surprise. Not that she expressed dislike, but actually said she hated the person. And she's not alone. Gone are the days when voters… Read More

  • Jane Eyre

    When this popular classic novel first appeared in 1847, author Charlotte Bronte had no idea how deeply it would affect a young girl more than one hundred years later. Though my circumstances were nothing like its heroine, Jane's struggle for love in a cold and cruel world grabbed my heart and stayed with me through the years. One part in particular¬†inspired me with the courage to live likewise. Maybe it's done the same for you.… Read More

  • I’m Beginning to Wonder

    I'm beginning to wonder. What day goes by without a friend stopping in to meet a need? This time it was my dear friend Susan Baganz. Putting aside her own pressing needs to write, edit, and take care of all things mommy, she came from out of town to help me put up this blog. (I'm told writers should have a blog!) So here I am, up and running due to Susan's unselfish love for… Read More

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