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  • Cry Out for Insight, Writer

    “Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.” ~ Proverbs. 2:3, New Living Translation. The watchful buzzards of anxiety and confusion circled above me with their bulging bloodshot  eyes and unflagging patience. When would I finally faint under the strain of my stalled writing projects? How soon could they swoop down and shred my writer’s dreams? The Daunting Challenge Two publishers, each eager to  receive a different novel manuscript, was a good thing. Right? Then… Read More

  • I Asked Myself, “Do I Hate Anyone?”

    "I hate that man!" My friend's words shocked me. Taken aback, I just stared. This friend was a good Christian--someone I loved and respected. I didn't love or respect my friend any less. Nor did similar strong expressions from others regarding people in their lives cause me to love and respect them any less. But words of hate these days make me sad. Why? God tells us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). He doesn't… Read More

  • A Baby for Christmas

    A baby for Christmas ... one of my favorite Christmas stories but the last thing our family had in mind that Christmas morning. My younger brother, two sisters, and I waited anxiously just inside the door to our parents' bedroom until our sleepy dad rolled over and smiled. "Okay," he said. Our Race to Christmas Wonderland We scrambled downstairs to see what wonders waited under the Christmas tree. We halted at the foot of the… Read More

  • Living with Thanksgiving

    Living with Thanksgiving is possible! Even during the hard times. On Thanksgiving Day in 1942, Dorothy was a beautiful, twenty-four-year-old bride. She and her husband raised seven children during the years that followed. They didn’t have much money, but they had a home filled with faith in God. On Sunday they took their children to church. Every school year they made room in their budget to send those children to Christian school. Each day her… Read More

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