Aspiring Writer – The Big Dream

I remember what it was like back In 2003 when I dreamed of seeing my first romantic suspense novel in print. Today, so many ask the “What’s it like?” questions that I wondered if you might enjoy a look at the heart of a typical aspiring author and her persistent journey toward publication.


We all have dreams right? My dad used to say, “You might as well dream big. They don’t cost anything.”

autumn-color-along-a-riverTrue–when you’re only dreaming. But venture out to achieve your dream, and the “cost” soon makes itself known.

So, what does it cost to become the author of a novel? Here is a small portion of what I’ve learned so far:

  • reading tons of the kind of novels you long to write
  • studying endless books, magazine articles, and CDs on writing (which, by the way, also cost $)
  • investing in equipment (computer, laptop, software, etc) to produce editor-friendly manuscripts
  • participating in local and online writers’ groups to share much-needed fellowship, information, and encouragement with others who understand your desire to write
  • setting up an Internet presence–website, blog, facebook, and more
  • attending writers’ conferences, seminars, and workshops to network and to learn from talented experts
  • spending months–maybe years–getting to know your novel’s characters and learning how to capture them on the page through endless practice
  • sitting long hours alone at your computer or laptop crafting your stories
  • drinking deeply at the fountain of life’s inevitable joys and sorows, then praying for the words–and the courage–to pour out what you have learned for all the world to see
  • laboring over your manuscript, writing and rewriting until your words sing on the page
  • finding the courage to endure as you submit and resubmit your manuscript at writer’s conferences, online, and through the U.S. mail (if requested)–until your story finds a home.

Is the price too high? Not when, finally, it all comes together. Your book is born. Your dream becomes a reality, and there is nothing like holding that first copy of your new book dreams-come-truein your hands.

Or so I’m told.

For I have yet to hold that frist copy of my novel in my hands. Though I’m well past the dreaming stage … and a great distance through the cost stage … I continue to labor.

Right now, I’m preparing the proposal for my first romantic suspense novel. Very soon I will launch a campaign to catch the interest of agents and publishers … and enter the endurance stage.

Only our beloved God knows if and when Her Rightful Inheritance (later renamed Her Deadly Inheritance) will take shape as a published novel.

In the meantime, with your permission, I will share my journey with you. Who knows? One day we may share a joyous cuber-shriek as I announce the arrival of Her Rightful Inheritance in the “Promised Land” of published novels!


Dear Reader, thank you for accompanying me on my journey this far. Until next time … Dream big and go with God’s blessing!

~ Beth

Copyright 2003 Beth Ann Ziarnik

Do you have a writer’s dream? Please share!

 journey this far. Until the next time . . . Dream big and go with God’s blessing!

~ Beth

Copyright 2003 Beth Ann Ziarnik

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