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  • Be Patient and Win!

    Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik Be patient and win! Whew! Be patient? Not always easy. Frustration is part--thank goodness, only part--of every writer's life. What am I saying? It's part of life period! So, if that's where you find yourself today,  as I did back in 2010, may this devotional piece I wrote then encourage your heart. Be Patient and Win! Are you going to quit? Startled, I realized the Lord had been listening to my… Read More

  • Cry Out for Insight, Writer

    “Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.” ~ Proverbs. 2:3, New Living Translation. The watchful buzzards of anxiety and confusion circled above me with their bulging bloodshot  eyes and unflagging patience. When would I finally faint under the strain of my stalled writing projects? How soon could they swoop down and shred my writer’s dreams? The Daunting Challenge Two publishers, each eager to  receive a different novel manuscript, was a good thing. Right? Then… Read More

  • A Joke on Me!

    “You called me to write, Lord, but nobody wants my stuff. I guess I’m just not good enough.” I pushed my manuscripts aside and grabbed my car keys. Maybe hanging around the Christian Book Nook for a while would cheer me up.  Unfortunately, my downcast mood followed me. In the store, I drifted wistfully past the novels and began picking half-heartedly through the devotional books. One pierced my blue funk with a spark of interest.… Read More

  • Reaching for Your Dream

    What is it about a dream--that something we would dearly love to accomplish ... if only? I wrote this piece as I struggled toward my dream almost eleven years before Her Deadly Inheritance appeared in print and e-book. Maybe you've felt this way--or feel this way now--as you reach for your dream. The Frustration I slumped at my desk and closed my eyes in an effort to trap the tears that threatened to escape. "I'm ready… Read More