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  • Unfortunate Delay Ended

    Dear Reader, were you ever caught in a series of mishaps??? That's what happened to me--and consequently you--since my last blog post in mid-April. But now the unfortunate delay has ended. WELCOME BACK, DEAR READER! Here's the scoop on the strange, "oh me, oh my" series of events that started a month ago. One week after my last blog in mid-April: I found my Diet No More Series dead in the water ... while something… Read More

  • Be Patient and Win!

    Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik Be patient and win! Whew! Be patient? Not always easy. Frustration is part--thank goodness, only part--of every writer's life. What am I saying? It's part of life period! So, if that's where you find yourself today,  as I did back in 2010, may this devotional piece I wrote then encourage your heart. Be Patient and Win! Are you going to quit? Startled, I realized the Lord had been listening to my… Read More

  • Cry Out for Insight, Writer

    “Cry out for insight, and ask for understanding.” ~ Proverbs. 2:3, New Living Translation. I sat paralyzed at my writing desk. Like watchful buzzards with bulging bloodshot  eyes and unflagging patience, anxiety and confusion circled me. No doubt, wondering when I’d finally faint under the strain of my stalled manuscripts. Waiting for the moment when they could swoop down and shred my writer’s dreams. The Daunting Challenge Two publishers, each waiting for a different novel… Read More

  • Thank You Phyllis A Whitney

    Have you ever written a thank you note to your favorite author? It can be so rewarding! Thank You Phyllis A Whitney In 1989, I wrote to thank Phyllis A. Whitney, who had inspired me to reach for my dream of writing romantic suspense. Though my dream differed by featuring Christian heroes and heroines falling in love while facing life-threatening danger. I had read every one of Mrs. Whitney's novels to date and all of… Read More