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  • I Asked Myself, “Do I Hate Anyone?”

    "I hate that man!" My friend's words shocked me. Taken aback, I just stared. This friend was a good Christian--someone I loved and respected. I didn't love or respect my friend any less. Nor did similar strong expressions from others regarding people in their lives cause me to love and respect them any less. But words of hate these days make me sad. Why? God tells us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). He doesn't… Read More

  • “I Like a Challenge!”

    I don't recall the disagreement, but I'd had enough. "I'm not staying where I'm not wanted!" I shouted at my new husband. In a flurry of anger, I set out in the dead of winter, marching down Algoma Blvd toward the college campus. It was Sunday ... I was pregnant ... and I had no clue where I was going. Though a student at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh, I suddenly recalled the campus was all but shut… Read More

  • Don’t Quit!

    Only a month after our wedding, Jim and I faced each other in the living room of our tiny apartment. Sadly, we admitted we'd made the biggest mistake of our lives. How could it be, when we had started out loving each other so very much? I swallowed hard and looked to my strong, handsome husband. "What do we do now?" He thought for a moment, and then quietly delivered his conviction. "We stick it out."… Read More

  • Happy Mother’s Day!

    Just want to wish you all a ... How blessed we are today to remember the mothers in our life ... For those who have loved and nurtured us--whether a mother who is still with you or one who has passed as mine did last year, a grandmother who gave that extra measure of loving care, a mother-in-law who has loved and cared for you as a beloved daughter, or another woman in your life… Read More