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  • Perfect Planning

    by Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik Perfect Planning? I know, I know. Back in Diet No More STEP ONE I said the solution to overeating is not 'the perfect diet.'" After all, in this imperfect world filled with imperfect people, no such thing as a "perfect diet" exists. Which is why I'm on this pathway with the Lord to freedom from overeating and the peace of heart that goes with it. So what's all this about… Read More

  • Desperate for Freedom

    by Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik Desperate for Freedom from overeating? Yes ... yet here I pause at a crucial point. Will I firmly address this problem in a God-honoring way? Or slip back into telling myself I really don't care. Yet the truth is I do care. I'm desperate for freedom from my years-long struggle, and these last few weeks have been a tug of war. I guess that means I need to really consider… Read More

  • Diet No More Step One

    by Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik Diet No More STEP ONE involves (Are you ready for this?) Confessing. Whoa! Don't check out on me. Please stay. I need you! Knowing you're here, even if only lurking, is a big help. Everyone needs someone to be accountable to, right? And I hope you don't mind being that one. Because ... though last week in this Diet No More┬áseries, I talked about how and why I prepared to… Read More

  • Diet No More!

    by Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik What's Diet No More? It's my surrender. I don't think I could look another diet in the face. Maybe you've been there yourself. Maybe--like me--you're there now. But don't get me wrong, I'm not without hope! Which is why I'm inviting you to tag along as I commit to one more try at the only non-diet that's ever worked for me. One of those past successes took place during the… Read More