Diet No More STEP FOUR

by Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik

Yea! Here we are at last. Diet No More STEP FOUR and its ten sure fire strategies to conquer overeating at mealtime. Yes, real help and the ultimate secret to success–focus on the Lord rather than food at mealtime.

Simple concept, huh? Also extremely effective. Curious? Come along and take a look at the Diet No More STEP FOUR strategies:

Before the Meal

  1. Turn off the TV. It’s a distraction. You cannot watch it and, at the same time, listen for the Lord to guide you as you eat.
  2. Eat at the dinner table. This is the perfect place for you to pray as you eat. Especially if you live alone.
  3.  Ask: What do you want me to eat, Lord? Hoe much should I put on my plate? or What do you want me to order from this restaurant menu or to select from this buffet?
  4. Pray sincerely:Thank you, dear Lord, for this food. Please bless it to the health of this body and help me to eat only for your honor and glory.”

While Eating

  1. Pray often as you eat. Thank the Lord for his goodness while remaining alert to stop eating the moment he indicates.
  2. Put your fork/spoon/food item down between bites. This will help you to eat slowly and stay focused on the Lord and whatever he might indicate to you.
  3. Stop eating the moment the Lord indicates. You are no longer a member of the “clean plate” or any other food club. Instead, praise the Lord! You are now “dead to self ” and alive to him. As you to eat for his honor and glory, he will guide you into eating for the health of the body you live in. After all, who knows more about its daily needs than he does?

When the Meal Is Over

  1. Remove your place setting from the table, as an act of agreeing with the Lord that the meal is indeed over.
  2. Pray:Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing me safely through this meal. Thank you for strengthening me to eat in a manner that honors and pleases you.”
  3. Refuse to eat anything more until the next scheduled meal. Instantly say “no!” the moment any thought or other suggestion to eat comes to you between meals.

A Brief Story

How did this work for me in the past? Let me just admit it upfront. Back then, I had balked a the idea of turning off the TV. I thought I’d never succeed at disengaging myself from my ingrained habit of eating while watching TV. But being desperate, I decided to give it a try–one meal at a time.

Believe me, it was difficult at first. But I made up my mind. No matter what was on TV, I’d turn it off and eat at the table. I also practiced all ten strategies. Two months later, a great and wonderful sense of God’s peace and freedom swept into my heart. Free at last from the clutches of gluttony.

I don’t know how long it will take this time, but I know the end result will be worth it.

What Next

And that’s it for Diet No More STEP FOUR. I’m taking a deep breath here and plunging in to start practicing its ten strategies–one meal at a time. Next week I’ll share some supporting Scriptures. See you next week!

P.S. If you are trying this method along with me, and want a Diet No More Quick Tips Sheet, you might want to copy the ten strategies and keep it handy while you eat at home. I find I need the reminder!

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    The Conversation

  1. Anita says:

    Is this a plan that you created? It’s got some great tips. I’ve never eaten in front of the TV and have always been called a dinner Natzi by my children but I always thought the Dining room table was the only place to eat dinner!

    • Beth Ziarnik says:

      Hi Anita! Thanks for asking. This no-diet plan came about through prayer in my desperation, my asking the Lord who then helped me. Some of what’s included isn’t new. But I only included what I was sure the Lord wanted me to include. He also opened my eyes to many Scriptures that supported the overall plan. And kudos to you, Anita. for insisting on your family eating dinner at the table from the get-go. Good call!

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