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  • Be Patient and Win!

    Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik Be patient and win! Whew! Be patient? Not always easy. Frustration is part--thank goodness, only part--of every writer's life. What am I saying? It's part of life period! So, if that's where you find yourself today,  as I did back in 2010, may this devotional piece I wrote then encourage your heart. Be Patient and Win! Are you going to quit? Startled, I realized the Lord had been listening to my… Read More

  • New Attitude Strategy

    by Beth Ann Ziarnik @bethannziarnik A New Attitude Strategy straight from God's Word. Just writing that excites me! I treasure God's trustworthy Word more than I can say, and I suspect you might, too. What better guide to living a loving, honorable,  and God-pleasing life? At least that's been my experience. So, here I am with the second group of Scriptures related to Diet No More STEP TWO. But this time With a different tack… Read More

  • Reaching for Your Dream

    What is it about a dream--that something we would dearly love to accomplish ... if only? I wrote this piece as I struggled toward my dream almost eleven years before Her Deadly Inheritance appeared in print and e-book. Maybe you've felt this way--or feel this way now--as you reach for your dream. The Frustration I slumped at my desk and closed my eyes in an effort to trap the tears that threatened to escape. "I'm ready… Read More

  • Selah Award Winner: Her Deadly Inheritance

    Tonight was a night to remember! Her Deadly Inheritance--the novel that had taken me years to write--won the Selah Award for "Fiction: First Novel." Though unable to attend the gala Awards night at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, I watched at home in Wisconsin through live-streaming, clapping for every recipient. It was such fun! I had plenty of friends who were up for awards. Suddenly I heard my name and jumped back in my… Read More