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  • I Asked Myself, “Do I Hate Anyone?”

    "I hate that man!" My friend's words shocked me. Taken aback, I just stared. This friend was a good Christian--someone I loved and respected. I didn't love or respect my friend any less. Nor did similar strong expressions from others regarding people in their lives cause me to love and respect them any less. But words of hate these days make me sad. Why? God tells us to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). He doesn't… Read More

  • What Are We Living for?

    You've heard it. You may have even said it yourself. "He lives for sports!" "I live to eat!" "They live for their children!" Oh, yes. Whenever we pour our life energies into someone or something, we are definitely living for that pursuit. And it isn't only men who live for sports. Here in Wisconsin, women also spend every spare moment reading, thinking, and talking about the Packers. We deck ourselves out in green-and-gold and wouldn't… Read More

  • A Changed Life

    Imagine a twelve-year-old becoming absolute ruler of a nation. His every command would be law--a situation that might cause a few problems. And it did. Here's the story. After ruling Judah for twenty-nine years, King Hezekiah died, and his twelve-year-old son became king. But unlike his father, Manasseh had no intention of serving God. He took up sorcery, divination, and witchcraft. He consulted mediums and psychics. He quickly set up pagan altars and encouraged idol… Read More

  • Will You?

    In a recent reading on forgiveness, I was reminded of a relative. Through family stories during my childhood, I came to mistrust and then dislike him. It wasn't until years after his death that God took the matter up with me. By that time, I was a grown woman with a husband and a baby. While walking to work one day, I heard these words in my heart. "It's time to forgive. Will you?" I… Read More