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  • “I Like a Challenge!”

    I don't recall the disagreement, but I'd had enough. "I'm not staying where I'm not wanted!" I shouted at my new husband. In a flurry of anger, I set out in the dead of winter, marching down Algoma Blvd toward the college campus. It was Sunday ... I was pregnant ... and I had no clue where I was going. Though a student at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh, I suddenly recalled the campus was all but shut… Read More

  • God’s Care in Frightening Circumstances

    As soon as my husband left for his out-of-town seminar, I hopped in my car to shop for Mom's birthday gift. Five miles up the road, my little red Saab accelerated on its own. I pressed the brakes. It slowed, but the moment I let up, my car shot ahead with a vengeance! All thoughts of shopping fled as I headed straight for the garage that serviced our cars. Closed. "What now, Lord?" A desire… Read More

  • Love and Faithfulness at Work

    Chee! Chee! A piercing distress call pulled my attention to an area of the parking lot where three little girls giggled. Their father drew them away from the mother bird. As others walked by her nest, the beautiful killdeer spread her wings and puffed up her feathers in a protective bluff. A few feet away, I looked among the rounded decorative stones where she stood guard. Sure enough. She had laid a clutch of eggs,… Read More

  • Mother’s Day Tears

    "I love you, Mom." Her thirty-five-year-old daughter's words entered Sara's heart in the midst of a pleasant phone conversation. Then the two returned to the subject they had been discussing. Later, before they hung up, her daughter again uttered those words, and Sara knew her child had turned a life-changing corner. A soft joy spread its light through her heart. In years past, their relationship had gone through hard times. Her daughter entered those teen… Read More